Stress Management Training 

Ocean Jasper Tumnles

  Duration:    8 x 2 - 2.5 hour weekly sessions (with                                                                                  homework!)                        Date:             tbc                                                                         Venue:          Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire                 Course  Cost:       £15 per person per session  (ffirst 2                                               sessions payable on booking) 

Stress Management Training is carried out over 8 consecutive weeks.  Each session lasts around 2.5 hours.  This allows information, skills and techniques to be introduced gradually, experienced in the group, and practiced between sessions.  

Plenty of opportunity is provided to consider your own stress levels.  Each session includes a relaxation exercise.  No prior knowledge is required to attend this workshop. 

Some handouts will be provided but a notebook and pen would be useful for making any additional notes. Teas, coffee, and biscuits will be available.

Topics covered:

  ·     What is stress and what are its symptoms?                                                       ·     Relaxation and breathing exercises                                                                         ·     Understanding triggers and techniques to cope with stressful                               situations                                                                                                                         ·     Techniques to ground, clear and strengthen your energy system                 .      Work and lifestyle influences and changes                                                         ·     Homework and feedback


If you have further queries about this workshop, or to book a place on a workshop please Contact Me

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