Getting Started with a Pendulum 


 Duration:            Half day/ 2.5 hour Workshop                    Date:                    tba 2018                                                     Venue:                  Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire        Course Cost:       £15 per person       

I've sold a lot of pendulums and in the process given guidance to a number of people on how to get started with using them.  If you have been lucky enough to have received one as a present, or have had one sitting in a drawer waiting to be used then this short workshop will provide enough information to get you started.  You are also welcome if you don't yet possess a pendulum as I also have some to use on the workshop as well as to purchase if you want to take one home with you.  

This workshop is focussed on the complete beginner.  It covers the basics of getting your 'swing' going, interpreting the different swing responses, asking the right questions to obtain the guidance you want as well as a few pointers / ideas at ways you can get the most use out of your pendulum. 


If you would like to attend a workshop please email / phone with your name and contact details.  Click here to Contact Me

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