The Human Energy Field - An Introduction                                                      

Duration:  1/2 Day Workshop (10am - 1pm)     Date:        Next date:  tbc .             Venue:      Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire     Course Cost:      £15 per person               

This workshop provides an introduction to the layers of the human energy system (commonly called the Aura).  The day includes visualisation exercises and experiential activities to help you understand the different levels. 

This workshop is an introductory level and suitable for the complete beginner as no previous experience of subtle energy is assumed.  

Some handouts will be provided but a notebook and pen would be useful for making any additional notes.  Teas, coffee, and biscuits will be provided.

 Topics covered include:

 .         What do we mean by the human energy system (aura)?                      ·         A description of the different layers of the energy field            ·         Exercises to help experience and understand the individual layers  ·         A discussion on next steps if you want to learn more

If you would like to attend this workshop please email / phone with your name and contact details.  Click here to Contact Me

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