Getting to Know Crystals  


Duration:  1/2 Day Workshop 10am- 12:30pm  Date:           Saturday 26th May 2018                                 Venue:        Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire                        Cost:           £15 per session

Each of the workshops introduces the crystal - eg crystal system, chemical make up, where it comes from, any specific care and storage considerations.  We then experience the vibrations together and consider the different ways in which the crystal can be used in daily lives and / or self healing.  Each session  includes at least one meditation or self healing / group healing appropriate to the specific crystal.


Each workshop includes a handout and a tumble or point of the crystal to take away with you. (Other crystals will be available for sale if you wish to purchase further.) 

If you would like to attend a workshop please email / phone with your name and contact details.  Also note that the whole course starts in January each year if you would prefer to attend from the beginning. Click here to Contact Me or use the form in the side bar.


Crystals to be covered this year are detailed below.

Note;   If there is a particular crystal / crystal group you are interested in but the date for the workshop has already passed, or you cannot make a Saturday, please get in touch with me - if three or more people are interested  I am happy to repeat any of the workshops)

January 2019 -  Clear Quartz                   

February 2019 -  Amethyst / Citrine

March 2019  - Snowy Quartz / Clearing Crystals 

April 2019  - Grounders                            

Saturday 26th May 2018 - Rose Quartz / Aventurine / selection of other heart stones 


Saturday 16th June 2018  - Calcites                    

Saturday 14th July  - Prehnite, Sodalite and other calming stones

Satuday 18th August - Tigers Eye and other protective stones                              

September - date tbc -  Carnelian and Agates

October - date tbc - Lapis and other third eye stones

November - date tbc  - Moonstone, Labradorite and other feldspars

 (These choices may be changed - if there is a particular crystal / crystal group that you are interested in that is not here please let me  know - we might be able to include it!)

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