De Clutter - An Introduction  Day   

 Duration:    1 Day Workshop (10:00am - 4:00pm)          Date:            last run Jan 2018 -next 2018 date tbc            Venue:          Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire                Course Cost:      £35 per person               

If you didn't get all your clearing out done in the New Year then this might be another time to consider the clutter in your life.

This day won't teach you everything you want to know about de-cluttering - but it will give you a great start!  We'll be considering physical space, thoughts, feelings and beliefs as well as identifying some some techniques to use. You might be surprised about some of the areas covered. It can be fun (lots of laughing at ourselves is included!) but is can also be a very 'freeing' thing to do - getting rid of the old makes space for the new to come in!

This is not a crystal course as such. Whilst I am happy to discuss which crystals might be helpful for keeping a clear space, emotional and / or mental clearing, this is not the focus of this course, nor is it a requirement for you to know anything about crystals or subtle energy to attend.

 If you would like to attend one of these workshops please email / phone with your name and contact details or click here to Contact Me 

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