Crystals, Science and Healing  

Nookite Palm Stones

Duration:   2 Days (10am - 5pm both days)             Date:        Next Workshop date: tbc.                                                           (Please enquire if interested)               Venue:     Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire                       Cost:        £70 per person for the 2 days.

This workshop provides an introduction to the science behind crystals and applying this to healing.

It includes the formation and inner structure of crystals / crystal systems, as well as specific aspects such as chemical elements, locations and colours and how these relate to our healing work.  We also consider aspects such as cut and polished crystals and specific natural formations such as double terminated, phantoms, elestials etc.  As many practical exercises will be included as time allows on the day.  There will be time to consider how the material relates to your own healing work.  

This workshop assumes some knowledge / experience of healing (can be self healing).  It is also assumed that you are able to attune yourself, choose, cleanse and dedicate your crystals, that you understand grounding and protection and have a basic understanding of the human energy system (subtle bodies and chakras).

Whilst you are welcome to bring your own crystals with you if you wish, this is not a requirement as there will be plenty available to work with on the day.  Some handouts will be provided but a notebook and pen would be useful for making any additional notes.  Please bring a packed lunch (or Newgale Beach 3 miles away has cafes if you prefer to go out).  Teas, coffee, and biscuits will be provided.

Topics covered:

 ·         Crystal formation                                                                                                ·         Crystal structure / crystal systems                                                                  ·         Chemical elements and colour                                                                        ·         Crystals and Light - inc. natural features, cut & polished crystals            ·         Specific natural formations                                                                            ·         .         Crystals and your own healing practice and practical exercises   

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