Basic Energy Management - Techniques to Help Maintain a Healthy Energy System                                             

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Duration:      1 Day Workshop (10am - 5pm)   Date:               Next Workshop date: tbc                                                (Please enquire if interested)  Venue:            Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire  Course Cost:     £35 per person


This workshop provides an introduction to the human energy system.

To take care of our physical bodies on a daily basis we wash, eat nutritious food, take regular exercise, and avoid things that we know to be bad for us such as smoking, drugs and too much alcohol.  But we don’t often think about what we can do to maintain our wider subtle energy system.  This workshop spends time considering why we might want to look after our wider energy system, as well as how we can go about doing this.

This course is suitable for the complete beginner as no previous experience of the human energy system is assumed.  This is not a crystal workshop so no knowledge of crystals is required (although if you are interested in using these there will be some available to use on the day and some indication of how these can be used will be supplied if desired and  if time allows).

Some handouts will be provided but a notebook and pen would be useful for making any additional notes.  Please bring a packed lunch.  Teas, coffee, and biscuits will be provided.

Topics covered:

·        What do we mean by the human energy system?                                         ·        Why should we look after it, and how do we go about doing this?             .        Techniques for grounding, clearing, strengthening the energy system   .        The importance of relaxation                                                                                   ·        The influence of the home and workplace environment


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