Energy Management - to Support Therapists and others in the Caring Professions  

A Safe Harbour

Duration:     1 Day Workshop (10am - 5pm)         Date:              Next Workshop date: tbc                                                        (Please enquire if interested)      Venue:        Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire                   Course Cost:   £35 per person                                                     

This workshop provides an introduction to the human energy system.  This workshop is similar to the Basic Energy Management workshop but is focused more towards the therapeutic setting.   Discussion and techniques are focused around self, client / patient and the shared environment.   

Anyone can attend this course as no prior knowledge is assumed, but it would be of most benefit to therapists, counsellors, or anyone seeing clients / patients on a one-to-one basis.  It would also be of benefit to people holding larger workshop events (eg relaxation classes) and people responsible for providing waiting rooms, eg counselling, medical, dental, massage or other therapeutic setting. 

Some handouts will be provided but a notebook and pen would be useful for making any additional notes. Please bring a packed lunch. Teas, coffee, and biscuits will be provided. 

Topics covered: 

 ·     What do we mean by the human energy system?                                              ·     Why should we look after our own energy systems and that of our clients?                                                                                                                                        ·    Techniques for grounding, clearing and strengthening our own energy system                                                                                                                                        ·    Clearing and protecting the shared workspace                                                      ·   Considerations if working from home

I run this workshop from home, my usual workplace - but this is a workshop particularly suited to running at a specific workplace setting.  I would be happy to consider running a workshop at you individual place of work.

If you have further queries about this workshop, or to book a place on a workshop please
Contact Me. 
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