Are you Stressed? - Symptoms of Stress

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Stress affects people differently so symptoms may vary greatly. Some common symptoms have been supplied below. The more symptoms you can identify in yourself, and a higher degree of severity experienced, are both indicators that you may be suffering from stress.

Common behavioural symptoms of stress may include diffficulty concentrating or making decisions, being forgetful or clumsy, increased smoking, drinking, high coffee consumption, poor diet, and being overly busy or working excessively long hours. 

Common emotional and mental symptoms of stress may include feeling anxious, depressed, tearful, irritable, angry, unsociable, unsupported, trapped, powerless, out of control, or unhappy in work or other situations.  You may find yourself with racing thoughts, constantly worrying or fearing the worst, with low self esteem or experiencing panic attacks. 

Common physical symptoms of stress may include headaches, high blood pressure, palpitations, chest pains, sweating, dizziness, shaky hands, dry mouth, poor or worsening skin conditions, digestive problems, diarrhoea or constipation, neck or throat problems such as a lump in the throat or problem swallowing.   You may also feel generally tense and  have muscular pain, have trouble sleeping or experience a loss of sex drive or other sexual problems.  

Obviously any persistent physical symptoms should be checked out with your doctor, but, if you do identify with a number of the symptoms above it would be worth looking at the amount of stress in your life and considering taking some action to reduce it.