Relaxation and Breathing

What do you find relaxing?

Rocks on Newgale Beach

People relax in different ways.  Some like to just take a break and do nothing, whilst others take a more active route, eg walking (with or without a dog) or gardening.  Whatever way suits you is ffine - the most important thing is to have something that achieves this for you.

Walking, gardening and generally being outside bring in the grounding and balancing effect of nature as well so these are excellent activities if you have access to suitable green space.
Hot baths for cleansing / invigorating showers are great for washing away a hard day.  Visualise the water soaking up the stress of the day and 'see' the stress being washed down the plug hole.  
Regular massages are wonderful for releasing tension in the muscles.
Consider learning relaxation techniques (such as active and passive relaxation techniques), meditation, or mindfulness.  
Try healing to remove negative energy from your system, helping you to feel lighter. 

Watch your breathing

When we are stressed we tend to breathe in a shallow manner.  When you are feeling stressed try just stopping what you are doing and take a few deep breaths in and out.  Its a quick and effective way of centering yourself again.

Learning to breath properly again and relaxing are important features of managing your stress.                                                                                                          

Do something you enjoy each day

Focusing on something completely different that we enjoy, can be the best way to gain a break away from our daily stress and to recharge our batteries.  This can be time spent with children or a pet, other company that we enjoy, a good book, listening to music, a meal out, a cup of tea in the garden, a walk, a television programme we have been looking forward to (a little tv is ffine - its when we slump in front of the television every night we should be careful).  Whatever it is that you enjoy, making sure this is as important as everything else you do, helps to release muscle tension and also shows you are entitled to this, that you value yourself