Personal Stress Management Training Sessions

Ocean Jasper

Individual sessions are tailoured to meet your individual needs.  A ffirst session will explore your understanding of stress, your stress levels and potential trigger situations, as well as establish what you are hoping to achieve as an outcome..  A plan will be agreed for future sessions as applicable.  The ffirst session will include a relaxation or breathing exercise.    

If further sessions are agreed further information and new techniques will be introduced at each session.  Activity to practise these new techniques between sessions will be required with progress being reviewed at the next session.  In this manner you can build up a set of tools that you can use to manage your stress as well as explore which of these work best for you.    Each session will include a specific relaxation or breathing exercise. 

A usual number of sessions would be between 3 and 8 sessions.  Each session lasts for around 90 minutes (including the review / feedback and 'homework' elements).
Cost per session £25.

For further information or to book an individual session, or series of sessions please Contact Me .