Diet and Exercise  

Caerfai Bay

Is you diet helping or hindering you?

There is a lot of information around about what make a good diet and what to avoid.  If you think your diet may not be as good as it could be then making some changes would be worthwhile.  A few ideas are below but there are plenty more out there if you search for something like 'healthy diet'.

Cut down on takeaway and ready made meals and try and eat more fresh foods.
Don't forget the '5-a-day' rule for eating fruit and vegetables.
Heavy food is going to make you feel heavier and lighter food lighter.  So try to choose chicken or ffish over red meat, cut down on the bread and cakes, 
Try to ffind an alternative 'treat' to comfort eating.
Drink more water.  This is really important as we really don't drink enough water as a whole.
Cut down on sweets and ffizzy drinks, salt, and excessive tea, and coffee drinking,  alcohol consumption and smoking.

Try keeping an Eating Diary for a week!  (a page per day diary would work or a journal and you could add the date at the top of the page).  add the headings 'time', 'food eaten, 'how you felt at the time' and ;any other thoughts'.  Include snacks as well as meals.  In just a short time you will be able to tell whether you are eating a balanced diet, but also whether you have a relationship with food linked to stress (eg grabbing a takeaway coffee on the way to work for breakfast, eating a bar of chocolate to cheer yourself up, or eating takeaways and ready meals most evenings)   Considering how you feel is also interesting (eg do you beat yourself up in the notes about your poor food intake when you are feeling stressed but are more forgiving when you are in a better state of mind?)

If you really don't know where to start consider seeing a nutritionist or someone who can help you with your dietary needs.

Exercise is good for you

Literally true as exercise release 'feel good' hormones!  
The real trick to exercising is ffinding something you enjoy doing as this way you are more likely to stick to it.  Better to go for a half hour walk three times a week than pay for an expensive gym subscription and never go.

If you like more solitary exercise try walking, running, swimming, home gym, cycling.
If you prefer to exercise in a social environment try joining a class, eg yoga, pilates, dance etc or perhaps walk or run with a friend or join a rambling or running club.  
You can probably think of many other activities - go with what appeals the most not what you think you should do or what you think would be best for you.

Remember its regular activity that you are aiming for rather than skiing once a year or nothing but the odd game of squash (inactivity followed by a strenuous bought of activity if you are not fit is not a good idea).